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Published on May 23rd, 2013 | by Gareth


Moroccan watermelon salad – food in five minutes

Generally I don’t trust food that comes in a cube, in fact any edible with a straight edge should really be treated with an air of suspicion. Ahh hang on……cake, chocolate, butter, cheese. Perhaps I should take that statement back.

Anyway, this is probably the fastest Humble Crumble dish ever. It’s Moroccan in origin, consists of just 3 ingredients and can be prepared in 5 minutes. And it’s cubed.

An image of watermelon and mint salad in a glass bowl

I like this largely because it’s quite versatile, in the summer it makes for a nice breakfast or dessert, in the winter it serves as suitable palatte cleanser between heavier courses like Beef Bourguignon or better still a beef tagine. Full of flavour and really refreshing.

Although it looks quite nice in cubes you can just go native and roughly chop it up like Jamie Oliver. Alternatively source a cubed melon like the ones at Tsukiji Fish Markets

Preparation: 5 minutes


  • ½ fresh watermelon
  • 3 tblspn. rose water
  • Few fresh mint leaves


  • Deseed and remove peel from melon.
  • Chop it however feels good and add to a large bowl.
  • Sprinkle, yes sprinkle (I’m fed up with the word drizzle), the rose water evenly over the watermelon and gently mix with a spoon.
  • Cover and pop in the fridge for 10-20 minutes.
  • Serve cold and garnish with a scattering of freshly torn mint leaves.

Best cubed food?

Watermelon salad

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Gareth! hehe when you made that statement I did wonder about all of those delicious things that come in cube form. It’s safe to say that I’d devour these in a second-love the use of rosewater and lol sprinkle vs drizzle! :)

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