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Published on December 9th, 2009 | by Gareth


Bill and Toni’s Italian Restaurant/cafe

Last weekend we wandered into the much talked about Bill & Tonis cafe and restaurant.

Set in the middle of a cluster of cafes, restaurants and bars Bill & Toni’s is a favourite with locals. Easily the busiest cafe on the street, outdoor real estate for your arse is competitive. The interior lacks the pretence of other cafes in the area. The black and white photo’s of the original owner and the ageing table top arcade game create a slight air of nostalgia.

A hot day calls for iced coffees and iced chocolate complemented with caramel slices for a balanced snack. Shortly after sitting down orders are dispatched to the table and fantastic they look. Presented in tall old school sundae glasses piled high with chantilly cream and dusted with powdered chocolate the marbled streaks of chocolate sauce add to the anticipation. It tastes as good as it looks and is only rivalled by the rich silky smooth caramel slices. 2 drinks and 2 slices for less that $15 – bargain!

A quick glance at the menu already has salivating at the hefty serving of pasta with tomatoe and mozzeralla sauce and gelato for dessert. Thats for next time though.

All in all a top choice that is an iconic gem. Only minorly let down by the toilet facilities – the broken and rusted soap dispenser made me glad I demolished my order before I visted the gents.

Bill & Toni’s, 74 Stanley St, Darlinghurst, Sydney. Tel 02 9360 4702

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