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Published on December 16th, 2009 | by Gareth


Badde Manors

Badde Manors in Glebe, for those outside of Sydney is probably the cities most highly praised vegetarian café. Despite all of the fantastic reviews I was still a little uncertain especially when it came to visiting there for Sunday brunch (we had a visiting veggie friend). I mean brunch without bacon, black pudding or even a suggestion of a pork and sage sausage??!?! For a moment I consider smuggling in a bacon buttie but decide the risk of setting the dead animal alarm off and facing punishment by cabbage and puy lentil casserole was too great. Joking aside I do enjoy vegetarian food, particularly at Badde Manors.

The café fits right in with Glebe’s bohemian vibe, this isn’t to say the place was full of absinthe intoxicated social liberalists and artists having casual sex but it is eclectic and laid back. As soon as you enter your appetite is sent into overdrive by the glass counter chiller packed full of calorific killers like chocolate torte, baked Hungarian cheesecake and apple crumble that would make your gran weep with joy.

We order the fruit platter, field mushrooms on toast and muesli, fruit and yoghurt plus coffee. The service was friendly though a little lacklustre as the orders got mixed up. The mushrooms were excellent and left you wanting more albeit with a tad less pepper (for non pepper lovers). The mango puree that accompanied the muesli was a flavour highlight – fresh, sweet and even healthy, tastetastic. Worth a second visit.

Toilet rating – Good

37 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney

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