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Published on March 7th, 2010 | by Gareth


Lindt Cafe

The quest for posh cake – Chocolate dipped café

Still being new to Sydney I have only just discovered the indulgent, sultry, chocolaty pleasures of the Lindt Café in Cockle Bay. We get there just before the doors open at 10.00am and immediately the salivating over the menu begins. The décor inside is stylishly contemporary with an accent on the sparkling glass display cabinets, treasure chests full of chocolate art.

Lindt chocolate bunnies

Bunny battalion muster for Easter.


Handmade chocolate at Lindt cafe, Sydney


I am taken back to my childhood days of indecisive frowning and pondering over what to have from the sweet (lolly) shop. Fortunately for those behind me in the queue I make a decision much faster than when I was 8. We fast track straight to the dessert menu and order a chocolate éclair with chocolate patisserie filling ($7.00), waffles x 2 ($15.50 each -one with vanilla and white chocolate ice cream the other with praline ice cream and flat white coffees($4.50)and an English breakfast tea ($5.50). We then wait at our table in eager anticipation. We sit outside making the most of the view (albeit somewhat touristy) of Cockle bay and the warm autumn morning sunshine. Whilst we wait I can’t help but wonder that being a Swiss establishment is there a Swiss army penknife any where on the premises. Encased in a glass box for emergencies perhaps?

Our orders soon arrive and thoughts of shiny red penknives disappear in a flash. Being on the quest for posh cake I sample the éclair first, the filling is sublime and is without a doubt the best and most authentic éclair I have had outside of France – the chocolate flavour is rich with a hint of hazelnuts. Next I try some of the waffle dessert. This is a tricky one as each component of the dessert is tasty enough on its own. The ice cream has a wonderfully creamy but not cloying texture and you can really taste the praline, the waffle is hot, light and fluffy and the hot chocolate fudge sauce is like nectar. All three combined are simply decadent. The coffees likewise are pretty good and compete with the wide selection available in Sydney.

Chocolate eclair on a plate

Drool worthy pastries

Excuse the blue tint it was due to my haste to eat.

White chocolate and vanilla ice cream on a waffle with chocolate sauce

Food heaven?

The staff were efficient and polite though a little impersonal for my liking. The price of the pot of tea was pretty steep, loose leaf or not for $5.50 I would expect the leaves to have grown on the side of a mountain and to have been hand picked by semi naked nymph’s using only thimbles to collect the delicate shoots but then maybe I haven’t quite adjusted to Sydney prices. All said and done I really enjoyed the Lindt café. The experience is one that I will repeat I still have to try their chocolate cerise black forest gateau and the chocolate blackberry macaroons.

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