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Published on July 25th, 2010 | by Gareth


Review of Corner 75 Hungarian Restaurant

My late father-in-law was Hungarian. He was an interesting man with fascinating stories. He escaped Hungary in 1956 during the student uprising, he was an inventor and scientist, best of all he liked his food especially cake and paprika, though not necessarily together.  Egészségedre Jules, this ones for you.

To commemorate him and all things Hungarian we recently visited a Hungarian restaurant at Bondi Junction in Sydney called Corner 75. Here is the crazy part it’s on a corner at number 75, off the chart or what? Now my experience of Hungary and Hungarian cuisine was limited to pork paprika and goulash that’s about it. I find new food experiences are always exciting so off we set me with notebook and camera and Nina recounting fond childhood stories about visiting relatives in Hungary.

Corner 75 is located in an un-assuming suburb. Inside it is a little, well, 1980s complete with a large 3 tone stripped mirror (I think that it was borrowed from the set of Blake 7). The walls are adorned with souvenirs, artefacts and maps from the old country. Its feels across between a teashop and a souvenir store in Budapest. All in all it is quite cosy, the staff are friendly and considering it is Tuesday, it’s very busy which is always a good sign.

We order a couple of pálinka’s, which is a traditional, fiery, clear brandy served as an aperitif. It can be made from a variety of fruit but usually it is made from pears. I leave my Hungarian food advisor to order for us and what a feast is ordered.

We begin with Langosh with paprika. Langosh is fried potato bread, it tastes fantastic but with such food I can see why Hungarians are often stocky. I also have hortobagyi to start. This is basically a veal goulash crepe. Second amazing food sensation, the paprika is sweet with a slight after bite and the veal is incredibly tender. And there was me ignorant in the belief that it was only the French who rallied behind the crepe.

Hungarian Langosh

Langosh with garlic sauce

Our main courses are Paprika chicken and a mushroom goulash both served with a Hungarian take on gnocchi. I will let the Hungarians and the Italians fight it out for the original rights on the gnocchi. Either way I cannot get enough. This is accompanied by a sweet cucumber salad, which is made from peeled and thinly sliced (think wafer thin) cucumber in sugar, vinegar and you guessed it paprika. Very refreshing and delicate that complements the rich sauces beautifully.

Cucumber salad with paprika

Cucumber salad

By now the food and the Dreher dark beer is making my belt shrink. I do the only honourable thing and we order dessert, Gundle crepes, thin pancakes filled with walnut paste, raisins and served with a chocolate and rum sauce. I really liked the crepes and the filling but wasn’t keen on the sauce, the chocolate tasted little fake but perhaps that was just the rum.

AN image of Hungarian Paprika chicken

Simple and moorish

Hungarian Gundle Crepes with chocolate sauce

Gundle crepes and chocolate sauce

I really enjoyed Corner 75 and will certainly go again. The only downsides were the toilets. They were in need of a little attention (as were some of the table decorations/accoutrements). Plus the hallway leading to the toilet had a unique, stale, musty ‘aroma’ that was something between Faulty Towers and a jumble sale. Oh and I fell out with my camera hence why the photos are dire.

I have come to the conclusion that Hungarians are a most welcoming and accommodating bunch. The cuisine style leans towards home style kitchen. Food is love in their part of the world, like much of Europe. And I love their food. I am looking forward to visiting Hungary some day to learn how to make delights such as cucumber salad and paprika sauce.


An image of cucumber salad

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